Garbage and recycling

The City of Parkway Village has contracted with Waste Management for all waste collection services.

Regular collection for trash, recycling, yard waste and junk removal occurs on Tuesday, but may be delayed by one day in weeks that include a Federal holiday.  Containers may be placed at the front curb of your residence no earlier than noon on the day before pickup, and must be removed from public view no later than noon the day following pickup. 

Beginning at November 1, 2012, residents will be invoiced quarterly (4 times per year) at the rate of $39.00 for collection of general trash, yard waste, and disposal of large items.  The City of Parkway Village continues to provide recycling services at no cost to property owners and/or residents.

If you receive an invoice for an amount in excess of $39.00 for a 3-month period of service, contact Waste Management at 962-5000.  Inform Customer Service that you reside in Parkway Village and that the City has a contract for service at the rate of $39.00 per quarter.  

The collection day for yard waste has been changed to coincide with other Waste Management services.  All services are rendered on Tuesdays, excepting for delays due to the Waste Management schedule.  

PLEASE NOTE:  Yard waste, trash, recycling, junk and other refuse should be placed curbside after noon on the day before service, and must be removed from public view by noon on the day following service.

  • Trash/recycling bins curbside before/after ordinance guidelines can result in $15 per weekly occurrence.

  • Junk placed curbside before/after ordinance guideline can result in $15 per day (junk is to be placed curbside no earlier than Monday after 12:00 pm).

WASTE COLLECTION must be arranged by residents through through Waste Management of Kentucky (call 502-969-2355 to schedule service).  Waste Management provides containers for trash and recyclables.  The City provides recycling services, while residents pay for other waste collection services, including trash, yard waste, and one large item per week.  Garbage must be completely covered in order to inhibit rodent activity.  Yard waste may be bagged, placed in containers, or tied in 3 - 4 foot long bundles.  Please note that effective January 1, 2015, yard waste must be placed in ASTMD6400 bio-degradable/compostable plastic bags, paper bags, or reusable bins. Tied bundles will continue to be collected.  It is advised that notice be given to Waste Management when a large item is to be picked up. 

CAUTION:  Remove the door from refrigerators or other items which can cause entrapment. 

You can get information related to Waste Management services at


New Year's Day - Residential - Closed, pick up delayed 1 day *Commercial see below
Christmas Day - Residential - Closed, pick up delayed 1 day *Commercial see below
New Year's Eve - Regular schedule
Day After New Year's Day - Regular schedule
Martin Luther King Day - Regular schedule
Memorial Day - Residential - Closed, pick up delayed 1 day *Commercial see below
Independence Day - Residential - Regular schedule *Commercial see below
Labor Day - Closed, pick up delayed 1 day
Thanksgiving Day - Closed, pick up delayed 1 day
Day after Thanksgiving Day - Regular schedule
Day before Christmas - Regular schedule

*Commercial - Your trash may be collected up to one day prior or day after the holiday

Waste Management offers these additional products:
Lamptracker by Mail:  basic price $16.95 (includes postage).  The kit is a combination CFL bulb storage-and-shipping box with an interior Mercury VaporLok® bag. It’s the safest way to store the bulbs in your home until you have enough to ship back. Each kit holds up to 13 CFL bulbs.  Order your kit online and follow the simple instructions to store the CFLs. At your convenience, ship them back to us through the U. S. Postal Service. The postage has already been paid, and the shipping label is attached.
Medical Waste by Mail:  Basic Price $23.95 (including postage)  All you have to do is keep your used syringes in our specially designed protective container. When the syringes reach the fill line, simply put the container into the U.S. Postal Service postage-paid packaging that comes with the MedWaste Tracker and mail everything back to us.  We’ll take care of it, following all applicable regulations, and provide you with documentation of its safe disposal.
Bagster:  Basic Price $29.95 per bag/$89.00 to haul.  Buy the Bagster bag at your local home improvement store.  It comes in a compact package, so it’s easy to carry and set up. Simply buy as many as you need and fill them up with waste from your project.  Fill your Bagster bag with up to 3,300 lb of debris or waste.  Since the Bagster bag is yours to use whenever you want, for as long as you need, you don't have to wait for a dumpster to be delivered. 

NOTE:  Per Ordinance 2007-02 a Parkway Village permit is required before setting up a Bagster in the City.  The cost is $10.00 for a 14-day permit.  Contact the City Clerk for more details.