General Information

PARKWAY VILLAGE REGULATIONS help create a clean, attractive, enjoyable environment for residents and visitors.  These include, but are not limited to public nuisances, such as rubbish accumulation, noxious odors or smoke, noise interfering with human comfort, obnoxious weeds and/or grass higher than 12 inches, trees or shrubbery obstructing City streets or sidewalks, storing of junk, scrap metal, inoperable vehicles and automobile parts.

The Board of Commissioners has passed Ordinance 2013-03, establishing a Code Enforcement Board to promote the best interests of the citizens of the City of Parkway Village with regard to protecting the health and safety of the public as may from time to time be threatened by conditions existing in the City.  Code Enforcement Board members appointed at the August 26, 2014 Board of Commissioner's meeting are Steve Brown, Kristina Gerard, Maria Mier, and Jarvis Rice. 

All Kentucky Statutes and Metro Louisville Ordinances apply to residents of the City unless the Parkway Village code presents additional or more specific regulations.

Metro Louisville Certificates of Compliance are required before building structures such as fences, garages, carports, decks, or any room additions to your home.  Fences shall be confined to the original rear yard, plus six feet, shall be constructed of wood or wire material, and shall not exceed six feet in height.  A permit is required before any opening is made in any street and/or sidewalk.  No street, sidewalk, or public right-of-way may be obstructed so as to interfere with its use.  Sidewalks must be cleared of snow and ice, usually within 12 hours after a snow event.  A permit is required before any tree on the right-of-way may be cut or otherwise removed.  It is unlawful to post any signs on public rights-of-way or utility poles.

City of Parkway Village fines are as follows
Trash/recycling bins curbside before/after ordinance guidelines: $15 per weekly occurrence (trash/recycling bins are to be placed curbside no earlier than Monday after 12:00 p.m. and must be removed before 12:00 p.m. Wednesday)

Junk placed curbside before/after ordinance guidelines:  $15 per day (junk is to be placed curbside no earlier than Monday after 12:00 p.m.)

Grass height in excess of 12":  $20 per day (if grass remains in excess of 12" for more than five (5) days, the City of Parkway Village will contract to have the grass mowed and the incurred expense will be billed to the property owner, in addition to the fine levies)

The fee structure and nuisance parameters are subject to change.  All citations may be appealed to the Code Enforcement Board within seven (7) days of citation date.  Please note that unpaid citations will result in the placement of property liens after ninety (90) days.

Local and State Government Information
The City of Parkway Village is in District 10 of Metro Louisville.  Our Metro Councilman is Pat Mulvihill.  Pat can be reached at 502-574-1110 or he can be reached via e-mail on the website.  Pat's legislative aide is Geoff Wohl.  The Metro Council's mailing address is 601 West Jefferson Street, Louisville KY 40202.

Our City is in the 35th House District of Kentucky and our State Representative is Lisa Willner.  Lisa can be reached in Frankfort at 1-502-564-8100, extension 659, or in Louisville at 502-599-7289.  Her message line can be reached at 800-372-7181.  (TTY: 800-896-0305 and Spanish: 866-840-6574).  E-mail:
Our City is in the 19th Senate District of Kentucky and our State Senator is Morgan McGarvey.  Morgan can be reached at 502-564-8100, ext 621.  E-Mail:

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Affiliations and Organizations
The City of Parkway Village is affiliated with the following organizations:
The Airport Neighbors Alliance
Jefferson County League of Cities
Kentucky League of Cities

Community Links
A Parkway Village Facebook page has been created by one of our residents.  While the Board of Commissioners cannot endorse the contents, interested parties can follow the account by searching Parkway Village, Louisville, KY.