Property Tax

Property valuations are determined by the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator's office (PVA).  The PVA prints the tax bills based upon the property tax rate approved by ordinance of the City of Parkway Village Board of Commissioners in June of each year.  As a courtesy, the Parkway Village Tax Collector mails tax bills in November of each year to the property owner's address on file.  Property tax payments are considered timely if postmarked on or before February 15th of the following year.  If February 15th falls on a Sunday or US Post Office holiday, the bill is due on the next business day.  A twenty percent (20%) late penalty is imposed after the due date.  A one percent (1%) interest charge is added to unpaid tax bills at March 15th, and on the fifteenth day of each month thereafter, until payment is received.  Property liens are placed for delinquent tax accounts on or after July 1 each year. There is a $20.00 lien release fee imposed at the time taxes are paid in full.  A fifteen percent (15%) discount is allowed if the tax remittance is postmarked on or before January 15th of the following year.  If January 15th occurs on a Sunday or US Post Office holiday, the discount is allowed on the next business day. 

Approximately one third of property tax bills are paid by mortgage companies who have written the City requesting the bills be directed to them.  Please contact your mortgage company or housing lender to determine the party responsible for payment if you are unsure.  Duplicate payments will be refunded to the property owner. 

If you believe you are responsible for remittance and do not receive a tax bill, please contact the City Clerk/Treasurer/Tax Collector at 502-713-8382.  Please be advised that the City Clerk/Treasurer/Tax Collector does not have authority to grant extensions, waive penalties and interest, or effect name and address changes.    


2019-2020 real property tax bills will be mailed at or before November 15, 2019. The base tax will
be due at or before February 18, 2020; however, if paid at or before January 15, 2020, a 15% discount may be applied. The City of Parkway Village accepts postmarks for recording payments. Reminder: property tax bills are mailed as a convenience to taxpayers. Non-receipt of a property tax bill does not affect the responsibility for payment of property taxes.

Property liens will be placed on parcels with outstanding property tax balances in July 2020. If you have not received prior property tax bills or wish to know if there is a balance due, please contact the City Tax Collector via the "Contact Us" page of the website, via email at, or leave a message at 502-713-8382.