PARKING is unlawful in the fire lanes designated on the south and west sides of all City streets.  Stopping or parking in the fire lanes, at any time, is prohibited.  The fine for parking or stopping in designated fire lanes is $50.00 per incident. 

No tires are allowed on grass at any time.

Parking is allowed on driveways, City streets (except as otherwise prohibited in fire lanes or between 2:00am and 6:00am), or on approved and maintained parking pads which were grandfathered with the passage of Ordinance 200601 in May 2006.


Please note that if you have a parking pad that was granted grandfathered status before passage of Ordinance 2006-01 on June 27, 2006, the parking pad must be maintained in compliance with the Ordinance.  Specifically, pads must be of concrete, brick, asphalt or covered with at least two (2) inches of gravel and be maintained in good condition.  

No new parking pads may be legally constructed or used for off-street parking. Vehicles parked on unauthorized parking pads will be ticketed.

Audubon Park Police will issue citations to vehicle owners in violation of Ordinance 2006-01, of at least $20.00, and no more than $100.00, per occurrence.